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The happiest time

Everything is very well now, thank you, guys.:) It was so pleasant and important for me to get your encouragement! The other my students have come back after their vacations and the new one is also with me now.
What makes you happy most of all? Your boyfriend's embrace and his smile, your mom's contented voice saying I'm all right, my dear... A new book which engrosses you so much that you forget to have your meal and feel real pity when there are only a few pages left... A quiet rain tapping on your umbrella... Your old friend's call with an offering to have a cup of coffee in a cafe...
Yeah, all these things make me happy. But the most happy time I have ever had was that first year after my older son's birth. All emotions were so vivid, these all seemed to be so unusual and sweet... My face was radiant then. I was calm and relaxed and I thought I was a heroine. :)
Now I am happy when Vlad says he has got excellent marks at school, when my husband whispers he loves me (nevertheless, haha), when I am planning a new meeting with friends (by the way, when did I do it last time?), when my students get approval of their teachers after some lessons with me, when I am looking in the mirror (sorry for my immodesty), when someone from people I know calls me just to ask something, when you write your comments for my posts, when I read your news... Life is fascinating indeed, even when it makes a sudden turn and I don't know first how to react:) Life is a film, sometimes strange, sometimes exciting.

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