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Monster X Tour

Hey, everyone!
This Great American Big Foot Show took place in Moscow in the beginning of Nov. but I write about it only now, haha, sorry for that. My work take up all my time- I never seem to get to watch a film or write a new post. But I read yours though.
The Show was very noisy, all the stadium was shivering! Bikers made incredibly difficult tricks, then three cars got overturned and one of them had even fire in it! I prefer an opera, haha, but it was not bad! 
All the floor of the stadium Olympiyskiy was covered with sand, and a cat went to the stadium, made its poop business, buried it and run away. It was one of the funniest moments of the show!

My Italian for Beginners :)

Buongiorno a tutti! This phrase is almost everything I know in Italian now, haha. I begin to learn it. (Know also some food names and verbs). It's very pleasant. I really like to study. Why Italian? Cuz next summer we'll go to Italy for some weeks (if all my dreams come true than we'll stay there some longer!) I've always wanted to visit this country, I dunno why indeed. I've never been there but I love it. May be that's because of its soft climate and warm sea... It's so cold in Russia, I need some more sun. Love Italian people and their meal. Love its ancient cities and architecture.  Italy is really a fancy-country for me. 
I know Spanish a bit, there are some words I recognize in Italian, but these languages are quite different. (Uno, due, tre - Italian, un, dos, tres- Spanish). Got a lot of useful links and exercises for my studying. Love it indeed.
Have a great weekend! But I'll work tomorrow all day long. My dream costs money :)

Stay Safe

My dear friends from US!
Be safe. I believe that a lot of people all over the world think about you. Love you.

hello weekend

My friend with her little daughter has come to Moscow from Karelia, hooray! And tomorrow I'll visit them. It'll be a short visit just to have a tea together, we both are very spare of time. We both work at weekends. We both have a kid with special needs. And we haven't seen each other in real life! This August I got an email letter from her (she found my address from my thank-you letter which I wrote about 4 years ago to one of Serezha's doctors, and I described in my letter what had happened with us then and how I coped with all that), she asked for some advice of mine about kids but I said I couldn't give any advice how to treat a baby, I just know how to live with it) and first we became pen friends. I offered her to stay at my place when she would be here but she said he had a flat of her own.  Tomorrow we'll meet each other.
The weather is quite warm for October (10-15 C), but the heating in houses works heavily strong. We feel as if we live in Africa these days. I was going to have special taps fixed to regulate the heating power but it's still is my plan yet. haha. This extremely warm weather will end soon and I won't have to pay money for these taps. :)
This is my sweet pet. I can afford to avoid of speaking to him, punishing him, educating him and so on. :) In rare moments I take him he doesn't mind. Love him, indeed. Will he hibernate till spring, don't you know? I hope he won't or I'll miss him.


World of Creatures

Today we were at The exhibition of computer games, phone and console games off all types. http://www.igromir-expo.ru/  We paid 33 dollars  for entrance, I guess it was too high for that. I was more an accompanying person cuz I'm not fan of all that staff. Vlad was happy, Vitaliy was quite indifferent just like me. My guys watched mostly stands with World of tanks, World of warplanes, Warface, Assasin's Creed. And they bought Battle Field. I just enjoyed walking there and looking at loads of strange people round me: vampires, zombies, men with tanks and cubes on their heads and such handsome guys like this yellow one on the photo (I didn't know the game he was from but he looked like a mixture of chicken and a piranha :) ).

IMG_20121006_113313 strange

My night of waking

It's 5.30 a.m. I can't fall asleep (I had a nap, is it because of that?)... But I do not toss and turn. :) I'm preparing for my next lessons and also writing the post this night.
Vlad is getting older and he does so many things for himself that I wonder. My mom had been relaxing in Anapa for 2 weeks (it's a town near The Black Sea) where she had slab bathing and other pleasant things enjoying hot weather (28 C). I had had my doubts about my coping with my kids and work at the same time without her, but Vlad helped me with Serezha's feeding and besides he went alone to his chess classes without my attendance any more. So my boy made me free for work.
I visited one of my little students at her place and I got aggravation of my allergic response. They have got a cat and my throat seemed to be full of its fur. haha. I even had a little fever. My fever is over now but my throat is not ok still, it's itching and it's painful to yawn.
Wow, my husband has awaken. He will come to his work in an hour. Good morning everyone! I'm going to sleep:)

The happiest time

Everything is very well now, thank you, guys.:) It was so pleasant and important for me to get your encouragement! The other my students have come back after their vacations and the new one is also with me now.
What makes you happy most of all? Your boyfriend's embrace and his smile, your mom's contented voice saying I'm all right, my dear... A new book which engrosses you so much that you forget to have your meal and feel real pity when there are only a few pages left... A quiet rain tapping on your umbrella... Your old friend's call with an offering to have a cup of coffee in a cafe...
Yeah, all these things make me happy. But the most happy time I have ever had was that first year after my older son's birth. All emotions were so vivid, these all seemed to be so unusual and sweet... My face was radiant then. I was calm and relaxed and I thought I was a heroine. :)
Now I am happy when Vlad says he has got excellent marks at school, when my husband whispers he loves me (nevertheless, haha), when I am planning a new meeting with friends (by the way, when did I do it last time?), when my students get approval of their teachers after some lessons with me, when I am looking in the mirror (sorry for my immodesty), when someone from people I know calls me just to ask something, when you write your comments for my posts, when I read your news... Life is fascinating indeed, even when it makes a sudden turn and I don't know first how to react:) Life is a film, sometimes strange, sometimes exciting.

Smile :)

Hi everyone!

This is Peter The Greater on a segway. LOL. Probably first segways were invented hundreds years ago but concealed till nowadays.:)
This man disguised himself this way to make photoes with tourists. While there were no people for it he decided to make a trip on a segway which was lended near. I photoed him alone, it was so funny.
The name of the vessel is "Missouri". It looks like the liner, doesn't it? :)
This guy can do this...

The Third Day in St.Petersburg.

Sorry for such a long delay but it's better late than never. At last I write the continuation. We visited Tsarskoe Selo, The Catherine Palace. This  tsaritza loved luxury and her Palace was really magnificent. We were walking along the rooms and admiring. (While we were waiting to be admitted in The Palace suddenly the rain started and some people jumped out of nowhere and began crying "Buy the raincoats and umbrellas!" But everyone had umbrellas of their own (knowing the St.Peter weather) and no one bought. The rain stopped in 10 minutes.) This is my report about The Palace.
That's The Catherine Palace and the long long waiting line to it (you see many people far away from here close to the Palace).  We were standing there for an hour and a half until coming in.
This is The Big Hall. The place for balls. Many films about Russian emperors were making here. The excursion was rather short (about 40 minutes for all The Palace), they didn't give us to walk in this Hall as much as we'd like. It was not allowed to go there without a guide. Another photo of it:
Earphones in our ears were fixed to follow the guide's words. Let's go next. 
One of the dinning rooms and a chimney in it. 
The Grand Staircase. Richest people were walking up and down it some centuries ago.
And some words about the Amber Room. It was prohibited to make photo in it so I show you the photo from Internet now http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber_Room. This room was stolen, exported and lost by fascists during The Second World War. No one could find it then. And nowadays modern specialists managed to collect it again according to the old pictures. But of coarse it is not that Room which used to be.
There were hand-feed squirrels in the Park near the Palace. So cute.

To be continued...
By the way, if someone wants to speak with me by Skype or lj chat I'm here quite often, just notify.

The Second Day in St.Peterburg. Peterhof.

Continue my story. We were sleeping until 01 p.m after our long night walk. Then we had a breakfast (at 2 p.m. lol) in a cafe. The aim of a day was Peterhof. We were hardly in time there because of our long sleeping. But we went there by a vessel called "meteor" for its high speed due to its underwater wings. That saved some time for us but we couldn't visit Peterhof palaces, they were closed at 6 p.m, we wanted to walk in the park first. So we saw only fountains.
The Big Cascade.  In the center of it there is Samson tearing lion's chaps. The highest jet in Peterhof is bursting forth from the lion's  mouth (its height is 22 meters). These are some photos and video about it. Enjoy it.


And here is an amusement fountain. It's a special bench (but it looks like usual one) fixed in the park. People come to this bench and sit down. Suddenly many jets burst from the bench and all the people sitting on it get wet. Now kids like this fun. But many years ago tsar Peter The Great which was a mischief-maker poured over ladies and gents this way in his Peterhof.
A fountain "The Sun". It is turning slowly and its jets are moving round the center.

And in the evening we came back in St.Peter and enjoyed white nights again. On this photo we are really reading a paper without any light at 12.10 a.m.