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The Third Day in St.Petersburg.

Sorry for such a long delay but it's better late than never. At last I write the continuation. We visited Tsarskoe Selo, The Catherine Palace. This  tsaritza loved luxury and her Palace was really magnificent. We were walking along the rooms and admiring. (While we were waiting to be admitted in The Palace suddenly the rain started and some people jumped out of nowhere and began crying "Buy the raincoats and umbrellas!" But everyone had umbrellas of their own (knowing the St.Peter weather) and no one bought. The rain stopped in 10 minutes.) This is my report about The Palace.
That's The Catherine Palace and the long long waiting line to it (you see many people far away from here close to the Palace).  We were standing there for an hour and a half until coming in.
This is The Big Hall. The place for balls. Many films about Russian emperors were making here. The excursion was rather short (about 40 minutes for all The Palace), they didn't give us to walk in this Hall as much as we'd like. It was not allowed to go there without a guide. Another photo of it:
Earphones in our ears were fixed to follow the guide's words. Let's go next. 
One of the dinning rooms and a chimney in it. 
The Grand Staircase. Richest people were walking up and down it some centuries ago.
And some words about the Amber Room. It was prohibited to make photo in it so I show you the photo from Internet now http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amber_Room. This room was stolen, exported and lost by fascists during The Second World War. No one could find it then. And nowadays modern specialists managed to collect it again according to the old pictures. But of coarse it is not that Room which used to be.
There were hand-feed squirrels in the Park near the Palace. So cute.

To be continued...
By the way, if someone wants to speak with me by Skype or lj chat I'm here quite often, just notify.

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