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First day in St. Petersburg

Hey! I'm here!
Our travel was wonderful! Thanks everyone who thought about me. I have got many new experiences on my tour so I'll tell you about it partly, day by day.
First day we walked along streets and rivers a lot. Vitaliy's friend met us and drove to some interesting places. These are rostral columns on the photo. Such columns were built as a symbol of victory and country's sea power. The idea of building rostral columns appeared in Rome first. They raised column and arrayed it with trophy captured from their enemy. These snouts of enemies's ships are on the columns (their sculptural images).
Then we were sleeping after our move. Had our meal. And in the evening we had an excursion by boat. It was 11.30 p.m and so light everywhere! Look my video about it. First you will see the Church of the Spilled Blood, on this place in 1881 Tsar Alexander II was killed, and the name "Spilled Blood" says about it. Then after the little river Moyka you will see The Big Neva. It was windy so they gave us warm covers. You may switch off the voice because the story was in Russian.

This is a bascule bridge called Dvortsoviy Bridge, one of Neva's bridges. We came to the bridge raising times (01 a.m) and stayed there untill 3 a.m. just walking. There were a lot of pinnaces and boats full of tourists coming to look at. That night would be much lighter but for the clouds! These clouds closed all the sky then. What was a pity.



The bridge is ready! Yay!


My vacation will begin since Saturday! It'll last for 2 weeks! We will board the train (Moscow- Saint Petersburg) 29th of June late evening, and we'll awake in St. Pete already!! 
I write a long long list of things though we will be there 4 days and 3 nights only. haha. That is a hotel we booked in. http://www.hotel-dolce.ru/index.html Hope it'll be nice. Love traveling! Besides I had a last travel 7 years ago! Just fancy! How could I do it? 7 years without such a joy.
Hope the weather will not fail us though St.Petersburg is to the north of Moscow. Wish me good luck.
Vitaliy bought new video camera and I will show you something from our trip.
Vlad had a cold and a kind of conjunctivitis, now it seems to be not bad but I'm still crazy about it, we all are to be in a good shape before our departure.
My mom will look after Serezha when we're out.

Sun & blizzard

My dear friends, just look at it. Some days ago the weather was like this but..
but that was the weather today!

Anyway I like them both. I photoed them from my phone while passing.

About the week.

My dear friends, I was so busy all these days. There was much more computer work than earlier. I checked realty announcements coming to the site, now it's season for them.

There was also my usual tutoring work with long long preparations. Besides my husband Vitaliy and me decided to repair the third and the biggest room in our flat. All the other rooms are ready. I called the worker and he refloored, put up wallpaper and stretched ceiling. It'll last about 10 days. Yeah it's noisy, dirty but when it's over there'll be fine. My mom took my kids into her flat for some days. Today Vitaliy and me went for buying a new wallpaper and three alike spots. The wallpaper was rather expensive but beautiful.

Yesterday I bought 2 new skirts and saw a lot of boots but liked nothing of them. I went to the beauty salon where they made me mani. I don't know why but it's difficult for me to fail my nails. They are too sensitive and it's even painful sometimes when I do it myself. Besides I like when somebody cares about me. That's why I like salons.

This week I coped with that little pupil which couldn't behave well. Our lesson was at 6 p.m. and he was so tired after all his day in play school. First he was wild! He beat his mom and demanded to drive him in a toyshop. His mom and granny said: "Today it seems to be impossible calming him". I saw the kid misbehaved. I began the lesson (there was more game than teaching cuz the kid's only 4) and the miracle happened soon! The boy calmed, stopped jumping all the time and began to draw being rather cute. We talked a lot, cut out pictures and spent the time pretty well. He learned new words and repeated new ones. His mom said I was a super professional! I was pleased.

Writer's Block: Bookmarks

Tim Ferris - The Four Hour Work Week. I liked it so much! Especially life's design and 80/20 Pareto principle, that was great. Cuz I'm interested in productivity's increasing.

How to transmake pain into happiness...

I think about such things sometimes...

1. Determine: is it possible to change the situation without next damage for you? Otherwise you get a depression trying to improve a thing couldn't be improved. In this case it's much better to do nothing about this without any changes.

Say a girl wanted to marry but her fiance left her in the wedding day in a very rude way and a crowd of guests saw that. How can she change that? Should she seek a new guy or try to take the old one back? Stress is avoidless at any rate. That's why the girl should find another way of living without thinking about marriage during one year at least.

2. If the situation can't be changed (say a man broke his spine) or it's too early to change something, he should look at the problem outside. So it's better for him to hold it another part of his life, not better and not worse one but just another part. Rare, unusual but not worse than all others. He should leave off to liken somebody to himself. Nobody is better, more beautiful, happier, all people are different and can't be compared.

 He should find a good psychologist and have a therapy if it's necessary. He can visit the psychologist in the best way for him, one time a week or not so often. A professional decent psychologist considers as his duty helping a person who goes to overcome a grief but doesn't talk about his cat all the time. Many specialists make a discount for such people.

3. He should create a lot of positive things in his life. They should be so great, unbelievable to engross him completely and sink all the negative in them. In this case the trouble will become just a line one day. All wonderful things he creates will be the greatest events in his life but not the trouble! Saying about positive I do not mean comic video clips or anecdotes but something really awesome. High-paid job, super earnings... A fancy girl he hasn't dated earlier but now he knows there are things more awful than getting the hard time. First he should extract the positive taking it from his past and present bit by bit making plans for the future. He should write a list of his wishes and make a little step towards one of them.

Yours Lena.
Hi, my dear friends.

Today was a gloomy day in our area. It's -5С so not as cold as it was in February.

I was very busy as it is usual. That's one point in my work... When I was invited to work as a moderator my future boss said that at week-ends I would be free. But six months later just now he says I have to work some hours on Sunday or at Saturday. But now he pays the salary which is less than it was agreed. He says: crisis is everywhere! That's a trick of his own. That's why I like tutoring where I'm the boss for myself.

I want to put my weight off. I've got about 5 or 8 kg which bother me. It's so hard to do it having little kids and a lot of sweets consequently. Well I do some exercise from time to time but it gives no result because it's boring and I leave it.

Vlad didn't go to school today because his school was being cleaned after voters' visiting. Yesterday we went to vote for our President and voting points were done at schools. So today kids had a rest and they were happy.:) Vlad played Call of Duty and listened Rammstein.

There are a lot of kids around me, I work with them and I've got a little pupil, he is four and he's really overactive. He is fidgeting all the time. I come to him 2 times a week and I have to busy him during one hour at his home. I remember all kid's games I've ever known. His granny tries to interfere in our game and bothers me immensely! His granny is overactive not the boy, I guess!

See you soon.