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31 August 1976
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I am 35. Married. We have got 2 children- 10 and 6 years.
I work as a tutor, that's my first work and as a moderator, that's my second one.
I like to meet new people and friends, I like to communicate.
Russia is a snowy country so my elder son and I like skating and skiing greatly!
I like writing. When I was a child I wasted a heap of paper for my fantastic stories. But in several years I throw them away. Many years later when I was 32 I made site of my own using Notepad++ and wrote many good articles for it.
I like clever people all over the world.
I'm new in LJ and full of enthusiasm.
I post quite often here, but you may also find me in Facebook and add me there:)

Social capital

  • less than 10